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Thanks Mary and Mahakur for taking your time to read my code. Your suggestions were very useful. However the major problem was an error in one loop in the fortran code ( not included in the extract I sent). Now the filed is displaying as required.
Thanks to all others who looked at my problem.
Zilore Mumba

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Try with the following in your ctl:

vars 1
PMSL  0 99  ** Pressure reduced to MSL [Pa]

instead of:

vars 1
PMSL  0 2,102,0  ** Pressure reduced to MSL [Pa]



zilore mumba wrote:

>Hello Grads Users,
>Assistance is sought for displaying a field in binary
>format written from FORTRAN. I have attached to this
>mail a segment of the fortran code where the writing
>is effected. I have tried two ways of writing the
>data. Also attached is the control file.
>When I open grads it is able to open the data file
>msl.grb but the display gives a map of Africa with two
>vertical lines on each side of the map. I have tried
>all the five options in the ctl file. Some options
>give a map filled with some bizarre patterns.
>I am working in both Windows and LINUX platforms.
>Incidentally I have some programs I wrote (in binary)
>a few years ago (random gneneration of cyclones) which
>were able to display in grads but which this time do
>not even open the data file.
>Any assistance will be highly appreciated.
>Zilore Mumba
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