Assistance with binary file

Mary Jo Nath Mary-Jo.Nath at NOAA.GOV
Fri Aug 24 15:36:59 EDT 2007

Hello Zilore,

Try changing the value of "recl" in the "open" statement to "recl=4*L"
since you are writing L words for each J, and recl should be the size of
the record in bytes. (=words x 4).


zilore mumba wrote:
> Hello Grads Users,
> Assistance is sought for displaying a field in binary
> format written from FORTRAN. I have attached to this
> mail a segment of the fortran code where the writing
> is effected. I have tried two ways of writing the
> data. Also attached is the control file.
> When I open grads it is able to open the data file
> msl.grb but the display gives a map of Africa with two
> vertical lines on each side of the map. I have tried
> all the five options in the ctl file. Some options
> give a map filled with some bizarre patterns.
> I am working in both Windows and LINUX platforms.
> Incidentally I have some programs I wrote (in binary)
> a few years ago (random gneneration of cyclones) which
> were able to display in grads but which this time do
> not even open the data file.
> Any assistance will be highly appreciated.
> Zilore Mumba
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