Plotting contours with station data...

Jennifer Adams jma at COLA.IGES.ORG
Fri Jan 21 16:13:54 EST 2005

Hi, Dan --
You have to use the GrADS function oacres to interpolate your station
data values to a grid; then you can draw contours. Also, try the 'set
gxout stnmark' display option. This will draw colorized dots at your
station locations that you can control with 'set clevs' and 'set ccols'
and 'set digsiz'.

On Jan 21, 2005, at 3:15 PM, Daniel Leins wrote:

> List,
> I would like to plot a map of temperature across a given area, and
> contour the data instead of displaying it as numbers.  However, when I
> try and 'set gxout contour', then display the temperature variable, or
> any other available variable for that matter, it displays the numbers
> only with no contours.  I've tried 'set cint 1' , and a number of other
> intervals, however nothing has worked.  Also tried 'set gxout shaded',
> and couldn't get anywhere with that either.  The data set is in station
> data format, and while I am able to display the variables in other ways
> (i.e. station model output), I can't seem to get anything to contour -
> which is my ultimate goal.
> Does anyone have any suggestions as to why this might be happening?  I
> have included the control file below...
> Thanks,
> Dan Leins
> DSET ^metar_out.bin
> DTYPE station
> UNDEF -999.0
> TITLE Metar Test File
> TDEF 1 linear 12z14jan2005 1hr
> VARS 4
> ts 0 99 Surface Temperature
> tds 0 99 Surface Dewpoint
> dirs 0 99 Surface Wind Direction
> spds 0 99 Surface Wind Speed
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