wind conversion for Lambert Conformal Grids?

Glenn Rolph glenn.rolph at NOAA.GOV
Mon Jan 10 10:03:08 EST 2005

GrADS users:

I am attempting to convert several lambert conformal grids of
meteorological data to GrADS format.  However the documentation has
conflicting information on the page titled "Use PDEF For Displaying
Pre-Projected Data With GrADS" at

Under the table for PDEF syntax for LCC grids it says "The Lambert
Conformal projection (lcc) was implemented for use with data from the
U.S. Navy's limited area model NORAPS.Wind rotation has not been
implemented!!! Use only for scalar fields."   However, further down
under the section tittled, "The PDEF BILIN option" it  says "But this
only works for a small set of well-defined native grids. GrADS will
generate these three internal grids automatically for polar
stereographic, lamber conformal, and some eta grids."

So, my question is if I specify any LCC grid in the PDEF line, do I need
to first convert all my U and V winds to true north?


Glenn Rolph
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