Automatic front drawing alorithm

Sestak, Dr. Michael michael.sestak at FNMOC.NAVY.MIL
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In Meteorological Applications Volume 8 (2001), pages 193 to 203 is an
article "Problems and solutions for drawing fronts objectively" by Donald W.
McCann and James P Whistler which describes one way to do automatic frontal
location.  It is based on an algorithm called ggtheta developed by Leo
Clarke many years ago here at Fleet Numerical.  I have a fortran routine
that implements the basic technique, but I have not made the changes
suggested in the article.  Let me know if you are interested.

Michael Sestak
Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center
Monterey, CA

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Subject: Automatic front drawing alorithm

Hi everybody!

Does anyone knows the algorithm (or have an GRADS script) of automatic front
lines determining ?
I tried to do it with Bracknell High resolution model using combination of
surface wind vorticity
and temperature advections but it not so good.

Maybe somebody can point me to publications in this area or give me working


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