[gradsusr] How to display the output number value of a variable on the Graph

Muhammad Dogar mubashardogar at gmail.com
Thu May 11 22:46:49 EDT 2023

Dear Gradsusr,
I have calculated NINO3.4 and NAO indices over a time period (1940-2010)
and have plotted them as a linear plot over the desired time period. After
plotting these NINO3.4 and NOA variables, I have computed their correlation
which will be a number like "0.8" etc which I would like to display/write
on the above GrADS shown plot. I used the GrADS function "tcorr" as follows
'open file.ctl'  **file that contains 1-d NINO34 and NAO variables for the
period 1940-2010
'set t 1 last'  ****time from jan1940 till jan2010
'd nino34'
'd nao'
'set t 1'
'define tcorr=tcorr(NINO34,NAO,time=jan1941,time=jan2010)'
*As NINO34 and NAO are one dimensional and the correlation between them is
a numerical number. I want to display this numerical value "tcorr" on the
above-displayed plot (somewhere on the top right side, etc). How can I do
that? Please advise.
Muhammad Mubashar Dogar
Scientific Officer (Climatology Section),
Global Change Impact Studies Centre (GCISC)
Ministry of Climate Change (MoCC)
6th Floor, Emigration Tower, G 8/1, Islamabad, Pakistan
email: mubashardogar at gmail.com
           mubashardogar at yahoo.com
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