[gradsusr] Sample Script to Plot Radar Swath in GrADS for a Derecho Event.

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for multiplot a good solution is virtual page: http://cola.gmu.edu/grads/gadoc/pagecontrol.html#real
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Can anyone provide a sample script or advice on how I would plot in GrADS a radar swath (say from WRF) of multiple radar composite images on one plot.

Say for example, at 15 hour of a WRF simulation, I'd plot all 15 hours on one image. Then at the final hour, for example 30, I'd plot all 30 hours on one plot.

The website, HOPwrf shows exactly what I want to do with WRF ARW composite reflectivity. http://hopwrf.hopkinsschools.org/HopAheadWRF/index_1.html. Tom Hultquist calls it Max Run Composite Reflectivity.

Thank you to anyone who can offer advice,

Brian Bernard 

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