[gradsusr] Comparing data baases with different resolution

Michael Fiorino mfiorino at gmu.edu
Wed Dec 21 03:49:06 EST 2022

hi Steven,

if you are using opengrads.org (has both 'user defined functions and commands') then I would recommend using the 're' function which is the C version of my original regrid2.f 'user defined function'

re() offers more options for doing the regrid and will automatically use a 3rd order bessel interpolator going from large -> small grids, but an area-weighted integral preserving method for small->large grids.  suppose the 2.5 is in file 1 and the 2.0 is in file 2, then you could:

slpdiff=re(slp.1,2.5)-re(slp.2,2.5)  # regrid to a common 2.5 degree grid. or re(slp.1,2.0)-re(slp.2,2.0) or re(slp.1,1.0)-re(slp.2,1.0)...

I'd also check the global mean using

'd aave(slp.1,g)'
and the diffs ('d aave(slpdiff,g)')

hope this help
Best /R Mike
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Subject: [gradsusr] Comparing data baases with different resolution

I am looking at two SLP databases with different resolution, one is 2.5 x 2.5 and the other is 2.0 x 2.0.  Is there a way to calculate/plot the difference between the two?


Steven Young
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