[gradsusr] Issue with duplicate Varible in GRIB Data

Michael Fiorino mfiorino at gmu.edu
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hi Mike

first, I'd do wgrib2 -V, but suspect it has the same grib2 parameters.  I'd use wgrib2 to separate the two fields into separate files...

Best Regards, Mike

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Subject [gradsusr] Issue with duplicate Varible in GRIB Data

Hi all,

I am currently dealing with an issue with GRIB2 data from The Australian BOM – They offer GRIB2 data for forecast satellite imagery.  The issue though is that the 2 different satellite images both use the same variable name of BRTEMP (see below):

wgrib2 IDY25001.APS3.syncld.slv.2022120612.120.surface.grb2
1:0:d=2022120612:BRTEMP:no_level:120 hour fcst:GMS 5 VISSR (GMS-5) 10.79 um
2:171088:d=2022120612:BRTEMP:no_level:120 hour fcst:MTSAT-2 IMAGER/MTSAT-2 6.80 um

How do I deal with this when creating a control file with g2ctl? Is this data unusable with GRADS because of this situation? If I just run g2ctl with no config, it produces a control file as follows:

dtype grib2
options template
ydef 512 linear -54.902344 0.117187
xdef 427 linear 95.009765 0.175781
tdef 5 linear 00Z10dec2022 3hr
zdef 1 linear 1 1
vars 1
BRTEMP  0,-1 0,5,7 ** no_level Brightness Temperature [K]

Then when I try and display that data I get all undefined data.

Cheers, Mike
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