[gradsusr] [EXTERNAL] How to override warning message

Adams, Jennifer M. (GSFC-610.2)[ADNET SYSTEMS INC] jennifer.m.adams at nasa.gov
Wed Sep 22 08:45:07 EDT 2021

That warning is sufficiently important that it cannot be suppressed. GrADS wants to be sure you understand the disconnect between axis labels and data. If you’re running a script and need some information from the text output (other than that Warning) then use the script command sublin() to extract the desired text from the result.

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By using "set xaxis/yaxis", I got warning messages
"Warning:  X axis labels overridden by SET XAXIS.
   Labels may not reflect correct scaling for dimensions or data."

Is there any way to override the message?
I tried "set warn off" and "datawarn off", both did not work.


Boyin Huang, Room-468
Asheville, NC.
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