[gradsusr] Saving to .nc file

M.Mahakur mmahakur at tropmet.res.in
Tue Nov 9 13:20:37 EST 2021

1. If, last is variable; keep it out of quote 
2. copy the data to a new variable. 

'set t 1 'last 
'set sdfwrite -4d -nc4 C:\OpenGrADS-2.2\data\HRRRGPA.nc' 
'sdfwrite new' 

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Subject: [gradsusr] Saving to .nc file 


I am trying to save a time series to a .nc file using the following 

'set t 1 last' 
'set sdfwrite -4d -nc4 C:\OpenGrADS-2.2\data\HRRRGPA.nc' 
'sdfwrite gpa' 

The first time step saves fine, but no other time steps are saved, I 
just get a blank map with a date that reads Jan 01. 0001. How can I 
save all of the time steps with the correct time stamps into one .nc 

Thank you, 
Jason Warren 
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