[gradsusr] Gradient between latitudes

Sanjukta Rani Padhi sanjuktapadhi87 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 21 11:08:59 EDT 2020

Dear Members,

I want to find out the gradient of the variable between two latitudes. I
have two regions like Region A:  having lat 50E to 60E and lon 10N to 30N
and Region B : having lat 80E to 90E and lon 10N to 30N. I want to find out
the gradient between 30N and 10N of area average of longitude of region A
and same for region B.

Thank you and regards

Senior Research Fellow(DST INSPIRE)
Dept. of Marine Sciences
Berhampur University
Bhanja Bihar-760007
Berhampur, Odisha
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