[gradsusr] [EXTERNAL] New subsetting of Merra-2 data

Antoine Molin amolin at plenr.fr
Wed Jan 22 06:26:54 EST 2020

Hi Jennifer,


Thanks a lot ; i can get the same files as before, specifying the hours in « Time of Day » ;  and wget is working too, now !

Thanks !


Best regards.


Antoine Molin

Etudes de vent PlenR

Tel : 09 67 06 77 23


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Hi, Antoine – 

The GES DISC help desk has opened a ticket to help you resolve the issue your having using wget to download a list of URLs. 


The problem of the new *.nc4.nc4 files being sufficiently different from the old *.SUB.nc files so that templating breaks … that is a different problem. I have an idea that may fix it, but it will require you to get a new list of URLs for the more recent MERRA-2 data subsets.


>From the MERRA-2 dataset landing page, https://disc.gsfc.nasa.gov/datasets/M2T1NXSLV_5.12.4/summary?keywords=M2T1NXSLV.5.12.4, click on the “Subset / Get Data” link at the bottom of the Data Access options in the box on the right hand side of the page. That will pop open a dialog box for you to enter the constraints of your subset. Use the “Refine Date Range” accordion to specify the desired date range. Use the “Spatial Subset” and “Variables” accordions to choose your lat/lon domain and variable list. Then open the “Time of Day” accordion and select all 24 hours, from 00:30 through 23:30. Leave the “Grid” accordion with the default value of ‘None’, and change the “File Format” to ‘netCDF’. 


The URLs that you get when you click on the green “Get Data” button should have “servername/daac-bin/OTF/HTTP_services” in the URL instead of “servername/opendap/”. Adding the Time of Day constraint to your subset and selecting all times so you get every time step is what redirects your request away from opendap to HTTP_services and should give you files that (a) have the familiar *SUB.nc naming convention, and (b) a structure that is compatible with the older subsets you have already downloaded so that templating will work properly. 



Your URLs look something like this: 




…instead of this: 




I hope this explanation is clear and helps to resolve the incompatibility issues you’re having with the newer MERRA-2 subsets. Please let us know how it goes. 





Jennifer Miletta Adams
ADNET Systems, Inc.
NASA/GSFC, Code 610.2

Building 32, Room S159
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Nasa changed the way to get subsets of Merra-2 data, and that is a problem for me….


*	First, i can’t succeed in getting one month of daily files with wget, under Windows, after downloading the links of these daily files…


*	Then, these new files are *.nc4.nc4 files ; i was used to *.SUB.nc4 files, and wanted to mix these 2 kinds of  files ; but for a same subset, the file sizes are different !

  i got same names (using rename *.nc4  *. «  »   and   rename *.nc4  *.SUB.nc4), and can read these new files using xdfopen  (warning about the cachesize, but it is working) ;   but it is not possible to read mix files (using template in .ctl) with xdfopen .


Has anybody a solution ?


Thanks !



Antoine Molin

Etudes de vent PlenR

Tel : 09 67 06 77 23


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