[gradsusr] New subsetting of Merra-2 data

Antoine Molin amolin at plenr.fr
Tue Jan 21 10:25:36 EST 2020



Nasa changed the way to get subsets of Merra-2 data, and that is a problem
for me..


.         First, i can't succeed in getting one month of daily files with
wget, under Windows, after downloading the links of these daily files.


.         Then, these new files are *.nc4.nc4 files ; i was used to
*.SUB.nc4 files, and wanted to mix these 2 kinds of  files ; but for a same
subset, the file sizes are different !

  i got same names (using rename *.nc4  *. <  >   and   rename *.nc4
*.SUB.nc4), and can read these new files using xdfopen  (warning about the
cachesize, but it is working) ;   but it is not possible to read mix files
(using template in .ctl) with xdfopen .


Has anybody a solution ?


Thanks !



Antoine Molin

Etudes de vent PlenR

Tel : 09 67 06 77 23


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