[gradsusr] Templating using split data

Mike Manning weathermon83 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 10 19:37:07 EST 2020

Hi all,


I'm after some advice please on the best way of templating data that has 2
time series - I have surface data that is 0-120hr in 3 hourly increments,
then from 126-240h in 6 hourly increments.  The filename is called
surfacedata.grb2.f000 to surfacedata.grb2.f240.

At the moment the only way I can think is to template the first 0-120hrs
using surfacedata.grb2.f%f3 for the 3 hour intervals and then 126-240hrs
also using surfacedata.grb2.f%f3 for 6 hour intervals. 

The issue that I have is with accumulated precip - it's a running total
where I need to subtract APCPsfc(t=3)-APCPsfc(t=2) for example to get a
value - this works fine if you're within 0-120 or 132-240hrs but when I go
to hour 126 (start of 2nd set of data for 6 hourly intervals), I'd need to
subtract hour 120 which is in the first data set.


Cheers, Mike


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