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DAME GUEYE gueye.dame2 at ugb.edu.sn
Fri Sep 20 09:05:26 EDT 2019

Hello !
I want to open a file but he writes this with sdfopen

ga-> sdfopen lmdz_1D_jas_1979-2009_monmean.nc
Scanning self-describing file:  lmdz_1D_jas_1979-2009_monmean.nc
SDF Error: 365 day calendars are no longer supported by sdfopen.
  To open this file with GrADS, use a descriptor file with
  a complete TDEF entry and OPTIONS 365_day_calendar.
  Documentation is at http://iges.org/grads/gadoc/SDFdescriptorfile.html

I need help why he's doing this...?
Thanks !!

Étudiant en Master 2 à l'UGB
UFR: Sciences Appliquées  et de Technologies(SAT)
Département: Physique Appliquée
Spécialité: Océan-Atmosphère-Climat
tél: 777069640
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