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Hello Jennifer,

Despite defining the minimum and max and (cmin, cmax) the interval (cint) and set with "clskip 1"
to paint on each line where there is information, it alternately paints the numerical value of the wind.

In other words, GrADS paints for example 8 contours in line format, but only sets the value to 1 or 2.
I would look for 2 solutions, paint the corresponding value on all lines or paint "only" on the 3 highest values, could this be achieved?

'set clab forced'
'set gxout contour'
'set cmin 10'
'set cmax 80'
'set cint 6'
'set cstyle 1'
'set cthick 12'
'set ccolor 1'
'set clab %.0f`2`1kmh'
'set clopts -1 -1 0.10'
'set clab masked'
'set clskip 1'
'd W_UP_MAX*3.6'

L. Alvarez
Gargantua Laboratory

Use 'set clopts' and 'set clab' and 'set clskip' to control the appearance of contour labels.
Use 'set xlopts' and 'set ylopts' to control the appearance of axis labels.

Jennifer Miletta Adams
ADNET Systems, Inc.
NASA/GSFC, Code 610.2
Building 32, Room S159
(301) 614-6070

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     Hello there,
     I am interested in knowing if it`s possible, increase the letter/numbers
     that appear when we plot for example a temperature map. The label that
     puts the value, looks small.
     L. Alvarez
     Gargantua Laboratory

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