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You can use CDO to do so.

cdo -f nc import_binary data.ctl data.nc
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On Saturday, November 23, 2019, 10:48 AM, lpasmanoranjan <lpasmanoranjan at gmail.com> wrote:

Dear Users,
I have a dataset (.DAT format with a .ctl file). I would like to write it in netcdf format. My dataset have multiple variables with various level. Following are the details in my .ctl file:

xdef  100 linear 55   0.2
ydef  200 linear 60   0.2
zdef   11 levels 1000 925 900 850 700 500 300 200 150 100 50
tdef  120 linear 00Z15May2012     1hr
VARS   5
U             11 0  x-wind component (m s-1)
V             11 0  y-wind component (m s-1)
W             11  0  z-wind component (m s-1)
Q2             1  0  QV at 2 M (kg kg-1)
T2             1  0  TEMP at 2 M (K)
My grads script to write my data in netcdf format is:

'open data.ctl'
'set time 00z15May2012 23z20May2012'
'set gxout fwrite'
'define newvars=vars'
'set sdfwrite data.nc'
'sdfwrite newvars
This script is not working.Any help please??
Thank you in advance.
Kind Regards,
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