[gradsusr] Help needed to Calculate Integrated water vapor transport(IVT)

kalyan chakravarthy kalyan4space at gmail.com
Wed Nov 13 09:57:06 EST 2019

Hello Everyone,

I need some help to calculate Integrated Water vapor transport (IVT) from
surface to 300hPa.  I am using ERA-Interim data (uwind (u), vwind(v),
specific humidity(q)). I have used the scripts that are published in the
grads user forum, but the results seems wrong (ex. the values are from
40000 kg/ms).

The formula I am using to calculate the IVT is


Integration is from Surface to 300 hPa.

Thanks & regards

*Kalyan Chakravarthy Yesoda*

Graduate Student, PhD
University of Nevada, Reno
Mobile no: 775-420-9434
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