[gradsusr] [Bug report] gxout shape in -poly mode does not honor clevs or cint

Jennifer M Adams jadams21 at gmu.edu
Thu Jun 27 20:18:53 EDT 2019

Hi, Stefan —
I think you are confusing the options for drawing and creating shapefiles. The clevs/cint settings are used when writing out the shapefiles with ‘gxout shp’. When drawing the shapefiles you have created, use the shpopts command to set the fill color, or else use ‘set line’ to control the line characteristics if you are not filling them in.  Here is a sample script:

'open model.ctl'
'set lat 0 20'
'set lon 0 40’

'set gxout shp'
'set shp -poly shp20'
'set cint 20'
'd ps'
say result

'set shp -poly shp10'
'set cint 10'
'd ps'
say result

'set gxout shaded'
'set cint 20'
'd ps’

'set line 0 1 10'
'draw shp shp20’

'set line 0 5 2’
'draw shp shp10’

'q shpopts'
say result

That yields the following output to the terminal:

ga-> testshp
Contouring: 800 to 1000 interval 20
26 polygons written to shapefile shp20

Contouring: 790 to 1010 interval 10
30 polygons written to shapefile shp10

Settings for drawing shapefiles:
 polygon fill color: -1
 mark type: 3
 mark size: 0.05
Settings for writing shapefiles:
 output filename root: shp10
 format string: %12.6f

And here is the display:


On Jun 27, 2019, at 7:26 AM, Stefan Gofferje <stefan at saakeskus.fi<mailto:stefan at saakeskus.fi>> wrote:

Grads version: 2.2.1
Platform: Ubuntu Server 16.04

Observed behaviour:
When using gxout shp with shpopts -poly to create shapefiles, grads does not honor clevs or cint setting issued before the draw command.
With shpopts -line, cint and/or clevs ARE honored

Expected behaviour:
Grads should honor clevs/cint settings also when creating shape files in -poly mode.

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