[gradsusr] How to create CDF and PDF of ensemble precipitation forecast from NWP Models

James T. Potemra jimp at hawaii.edu
Tue Jun 18 13:34:57 EDT 2019

You might also check out Bin Guan's script library 
(http://bguan.bol.ucla.edu/bGASL.html).  He has "hist.gs" that will 
produce histograms (http://bguan.bol.ucla.edu/bGASL/hist.gs).


On 6/18/19 7:27 AM, Jeff Duda wrote:
> Bizuayehu,
> Unfortunately, Grads is not well suited for plotting probabilistic 
> distributions from forecast data sets. While it is technically 
> possible, you would need to either
> 1) draw every single axis of the plot manually (i.e., using only "draw 
> rec(f)", "draw line" etc. after you have computed the pdf and cdf 
> properties (which you would also have to do manually), or
> 2) calculate the aspects of the distribution you would like to plot 
> using software outside of Grads, write it to a file format that Grads 
> can recognize, then use that data file to plot the distribution in Grads
> I recommend neither. You would be better off using something such as 
> Python/matplotlib, NCL, MATLAB, or R to create what you are looking for.
> Best of luck.
> Jeff Duda
> On Tue, Jun 18, 2019 at 8:39 AM bizuayeh Abera 
> <bizuayehu.abera at amu.edu.et <mailto:bizuayehu.abera at amu.edu.et>> wrote:
>     How can i create cdf for ensemble precipitation forecast?
>     ECMWF having 50 ensemble preturbed forecast and 1 control
>     forecast, for this how can i create pdf and cdf.
>     Bizuayehu Abera
>     Best Regards
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