[gradsusr] EOF_grads

Joseph Basconcillo jbasconcillo at pagasa.dost.gov.ph
Tue Jun 4 06:31:19 EDT 2019

Dear GrADS Users,

I would like to share how I solve this issue for future reference.

1. In eofnew.gs, find:

'!rm eof_in.gad eof_in.inf'

2. Make it a comment

#'!rm eof_in.gad eof_in.inf'.

In Matlab, eofgrads.m cannot perform textread of eof_in.inf so you need to make !rm a comment in eofnew.gs.

3. Then in OpenGrADSv2, you need to explicitly indicate the output directory:

ga-> open file.ctl
ga-> set t 1 last
ga-> eofnew -neof 4 -o F:/folder/filename air

Remember not include filename extension and only the directory. 

Thanks to Dr. Senya for his help.



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Dear GrADS users

When I try to eofnew.gs from this site (https://www.atmos.umd.edu/~senya/EOF_GRADS/), an error shows in matlab. I changed textread>>textscan (in Matlab) but still an error shows. 

I have attached screenshot of the error and OpenGrADS prompt.

Can you show me how to resolve this?


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