[gradsusr] How to calculate potential vorticity on theta surface

kalyan chakravarthy kalyan4space at gmail.com
Fri Jul 19 02:33:21 EDT 2019

Hello Everyone,

I am Kalyan, Graduate PhD student at University of Nevada, Reno.

I am working on Rossby wave breaking dynamics during extreme precipitation.
For this I have to calculate the isentropic potential vorticity on Theta
surface. I am able to calculate the potential vorticity on pressure surface
but I need to analyse the wave breaking mechanism on theta surface. I am
not sure how to calculate the Isentropic vorticity on theta surface. The
data I am using is ERA-Interim (u, v, w winds, temperature, specific
humidity etc fields).

I want to analyse the intensity of Rossby Wave breaking on 300K, 330K, 350K
surface. How we can convert the pressure level data to the theta surface?
Can anyone help  me in finding the Rossby wave breaking on PVU surface.

I have tried to use the script given by Leo Kroon (leo.kroon at wur.nl) /
Wageningen University MAQ  in 2003, when I tried to execute the script it
is showing an error saying function isen is invalid.

Below is the link for the script by Leo Karoon for your reference.

Any help is highly appreciated.


*Kalyan Chakravarthy Yesoda*

Graduate Student, PhD
University of Nevada, Reno
Mobile no: 775-420-9434
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