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Hi, Zilore –
There is some documentation on plotting station models at http://cola.gmu.edu/grads/gadoc/usingstationdata.html#model, which has some tips in there regarding what happens when some data values are missing. Also, try changing ‘set dignum’ to increase the number of significant digits.

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I did find a solution to write binary station data using gfortran, which, if may help someone else is:
access="stream" in place of recordtype="stream".
however I need help to understand the following:
Firstly I attach the station data which was written to binary (and two plots from that data). When I display the data with:
set gxout model
d u;v;t;d;slp,0.0.cld,wx,vis
Only the wind is displayed correctly. Only the first letter is displayed for temperature, dew point temp and pressure.. The cld, wx and vis variables seem. to be unused. When I multiply every variable by 10 (except for wind), temperature, dew point and pressure display correctly but missing values, set to -99, display as -9.
I am using Grads-1.8SL11.fedora on Centos 6.7. I have difficulty installing newer versions of Grads.
I have used station data before and have never experienced this problem. I will appreciate any assistance.

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