[gradsusr] GEFS 850 Temperature Ensemble Mean

Aykut Aykac aaykutaykac at gmail.com
Fri Aug 9 04:54:33 EDT 2019


I'm trying to calculate 850 hPa temperature ensemble mean from 21 GEFS
scenarios. The code doesn't give an error but also it doesn't calculate
ensemble mean. It is just paints the 19th scenario's line white and thicken
it. I give the diagram and code below.

All the best,



'set vpage 0.0 11.0 0.0 8.5'
'set parea 0.4 10.8 0.8 7.8'
'set lat 'lati
'set lon 'longt
'set ylab on'
'set vrange 0 30'
'set cstyle 1'
'set ccolor 'i''
'set grads off'
'set grid on'
'set t 1 65'
'set e 'i''
'set lev 850'
'set display color black'

'd tmpprs-273.15'


'define tmp=tmpprs-273.15'
'define tmmn = tloop(ave(tmp, e=1, e=21))'
'set cthick 12'
'set ccolor 1'
'd tmmn'
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