[gradsusr] Manually Editing Grid Cell Using CSV

Davide Sacchetti davide.sacchetti at arpal.gov.it
Mon Oct 22 03:54:32 EDT 2018

set defval command wants I and J, not LON and LAT
... just this ...

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Hello All, 

I am trying to manually edit specific grid cells using values from a CSV file. 

I have written a function to try to accomplish this but, I am having some troubles actually changing the grid cell values. 

The variable that I am trying to edit has been defined as "temp"... 

i.e. 'define temp = TMAX2m.1' 

CSV File Sample: 

82.9 31.04250 -86.31167 
69.0 30.21889 -96.37417 
50.0 41.00928 -74.73628 
62.0 36.61056 -83.73722 
66.9 34.28028 -87.60028 

GrADS Function: 

istat = 0 

while (istat != 2) 

data = read("/home/weather/values") 
istat = sublin(data,1) 

if (istat = 2) 


linez = sublin(data,2) 

newval = subwrd(linez,1) 
lat = subwrd(linez,2) 
lon = subwrd(linez,3) 

'q defval temp 'lon' 'lat 
oldval = subwrd(result,2) 
say 'Old: ('lat','lon') :'oldval 

'set defval temp 'lon' 'lat' 'newval 
say 'New: ('lat','lon') :'newval 


rc = close("/home/weather/values") 
What am I doing wrong? 


Aaron  Perry
 Class of 2016
 Lyndon State College
 Lyndonville, VT 05851 
Twitter: @AaronPerryWx 
Email: Aaron.Perry at lyndonstate.edu 

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