[gradsusr] Plotting grid point values at valid ASOS stations

Davide Sacchetti davide.sacchetti at arpal.gov.it
Wed Oct 10 06:05:06 EDT 2018

A possible scheme is this:
 * set lon lon1 lon2; set lat lat1 lat2
 * plot t, tdew, ...
 * start loop on text file listing stations lat and lon:
    * read xlat, xlon from file
    * get value of T in that point (se gxout stat; set lon xlon, set
      lat xlat; d T; get result)
    * reset dimensions (set lon lon1 lon2; set lat lat1 lat2)
    * convert world to page coords (q w2xy; get result)
    * write value on tha map (draw string xpage ypage ...)
 * end loop
bye bye

On Tue, 2018-10-09 at 15:18 +0000, Schneider, Karl P wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm looking to add a few grid point values to contour plots of
> temperature, dew point, etc at valid ASOS/AWOS stations. I have a
> text file that lists the lat and lon of stations I want to use. I've
> attached some examples of what I'm trying to accomplish. 
> I know 'set gxout grid' will let me plot all grid point values, but I
> only want to plot the grid point value closest to each station in the
> list. 
> I appreciate any help you can offer!
> Karl
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