[gradsusr] Meridional Circularion

Sujata Mandke amin at tropmet.res.in
Mon Oct 8 06:08:06 EDT 2018

Hello Joseph,

  For plotting Hadely circulation,
  vector plot of vwnd and vertical velocity(Omega) 
  is required, where vwnd and omega are averaged
  over longitudes (in your case from
  100 to 260). Latitude and z settings remains
  the same as used in your example.
 For your example case, if you open vertical velocity
  data file as third file, then define vertical
  velocity as follows
'define c=ave(omega.3,lon=100, lon=260)'
'd b;c'

If units of omega are different from vwnd,
then you have to convert omega to 
same units as vwnd (which is meter/sec)

I hope this is clear.

If you still have problem, then please write.
With best regards
Dr. Sujata Mandke
Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology


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Subject: [gradsusr] Meridional Circularion

Hi, all:

I would like to plot the meridional circulation from 1000 hPa to 200 hPa to capture the Hadley Cell.

I have UWND and VWND. Plotting these variables would be as follows:

'open uwnd.ctl'
'open vwnd.ctl'
'set z 1 23'
'set lat 0 50'
'define a=ave(uwnd.1,lon=100, lon=260)'
'define b=ave(vwnd.2,lon=100, lon=260)'
'd a;b'

Now, "d a;b" only plots the vector wind in height-latitude cross section. So, it does not correspond to vertical wind profile. I have been reading queries in the forum but it seems there is no proposed solution yet. Can you show me if you have proposed solution to this? Thanks.


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