[gradsusr] Descriptor file creation for 365 day calander

Saddam M. e.sadam91 at gmail.com
Sun May 27 11:56:39 EDT 2018

Hello everyone

I have been trying to plot a map from the netcdf file with a 365 days time
step in a year using GrADS 2.0.a7 version. However, it showing me an error
that 365 day calander is no longer supported and i have to add a descriptor
file.  the error messages are as below;

gaopnc error:
read_metadata: gaopnc failed
gadsdf: Couldn't ingest SDF metadata.

SDF Error: 365 day calendars are no longer supported by sdfopen.
  To open this file with GrADS, use a descriptor file with
  a complete TDEF entry and OPTIONS 365_day_calendar.
  Documentation is at http://iges.org/grads/gadoc/SDFdescriptorfile.html

I was trying to write the the control file using the template that i got
from one colleague, but it was different data type from what i have and
since I am new user to this software, I could not fix the problem easily.

I would be very glad if anyone can help me in the control file creation for
the two sample data I attached here?

Just as information about the attached data,
- The file with name "*precipitation_365_day.nc
<http://precipitation_365_day.nc>*" is the original nc file with 365 day,
in which i did not change anything and as i obtained from the source.
- In the second file with name
<http://precipitation_adjusted_365_day_19560101-19651231.nc>*", it is a
merged file from two nc file with different time step with 366 days. Then i
have adjusted the day to be 365 since that was my interest for the time
series to be.

Thank you very much for your help in advance.

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