[gradsusr] Uncorrect time value in sdfwrite

Boyin Huang - NOAA Federal boyin.huang at noaa.gov
Fri May 18 15:12:31 EDT 2018

Hi GrADS users,

I am writing NetCDF using the following
'set t 1'
'set x 1 180'
'set y 1 89'
'set z 1'
'set sdfwrite -4d -flt -nc4 sst.nc'
'sdfwrite sst'

Everything (including time attribute) looks fine except the value of time
(in data section) is always 0 rather than 1:
" time = 0 ;"

Any suggestions in correcting the problem are appreciated.

Thanks a lot

Boyin Huang, Room-468
Asheville, NC.
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