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Krishnakumar AP krishnaap7 at gmail.com
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Dear Brian,

Is there anyway I can to contribute towards grads? Basically I am master
graduate in Meteorology and doing research aerosols.


On Mon, Apr 30, 2018 at 1:46 AM, Brian Doty <grads at gradsdev.com> wrote:

> Many thanks for all the wonderful emails.  I want to say a bit more about
> where we go from here.
> Support for GrADS has not entirely ended.  But our efforts going forward
> will be on a volunteer basis.  We are not quite sure yet what impact this
> will have. We expect to continue to answer questions, to continue to fix
> bugs, and continue to issue new releases. And COLA will continue to help us
> out in various ways.
> I see this as more of a transition process than a sudden break.  We plan
> to transition GrADS to a more traditional open source model for development
> and support.  This will take some time.
> The new release of GrADS that Jennifer just announced contains features
> that implement some long term thinking.  The web is an important part of
> our future strategy.  I am not sure if the following interface has been
> advertised here.  Just follow this link and click on the big red "submit"
> button:
> http://wx.gmu.edu/pix/gform2.html
> If you are at all familiar with grads, it will be reasonably obvious how
> to use the interface to obtain various plots (see below for a list of
> variable names to use in the expressions).  See if you can figure out how
> to do a vertical cross section!  This prototype interface has been around
> for a while. The interface runs GrADS on demand on the server to produce
> the requested plot. This prototype has some significant issues "under the
> hood". But it has been important for us, in that it showed us improvements
> we needed to make to grads for the longer term.  Many of those changes are
> now present in the latest version.
> This is work that I plan to continue.  I'm still seeing a lot of fun stuff
> to do...   Brian
> PS:  The web interface points to the current GFS model data.  Some of the
> variables in the descriptor file are:
> Multiple levels:
> z - Geopotential Heights
> t - Temperature
> u - U Wind
> v - V Wind
> rh - Relative Humidity
> Single level:
> slp - Sea Level Pressure
> ps - Surface Pressure
> t2m - 2 meter temperature
> p - Precipitation (over a 3 or 6 hour time period)
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Best regards
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