[gradsusr] How to make wind vectors smooth and clear

afwande juliet afwandej965 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 06:57:51 EST 2018

Dear users
I am plotting biases in the Vertically Intergrated moisture flux between
850-200hPa and I plot winds at 500hPa. The vectors are not smooth and they
are not clear and too thick
How do I make them smoother and thinner but visible

These are the plot commands am using and attached is the sample plot

'sdfopen /media/anyuola/data_backup1/OBJ4/ERA/interim_OND_dry_rg.nc'
'open /media/anyuola/external/GRELL/DRY/grell_ond_2010.ctl'
'open /media/anyuola/external/BML/DRY/bml_OND_MAM_dry_2010_2011.ctl'
'open /media/anyuola/external/KF/DRY/kf_OND_dry_2010.ctl'
'open /media/anyuola/external/KFT/DRY/kft_dry_2010_2011.ctl'

'set dfile 2'
'define q2=ave(qvapor,t=1,t=92)'
'define u2=ave(u,t=1,t=92)'
'define v2=ave(v,t=1,t=92)'
'p850 = const(q2,850,-a)'
'define qu2=vint(p850,q2*u2,300)'
'define qv2=vint(p850,q2*v2,300)'

'set dfile 1'
'define q1=ave(q,t=1,t=92)'
'define u1=ave(u,t=1,t=92)'
'define v1=ave(v,t=1,t=92)'
'p850 = const(q1,850,-a)'
'define qu1=vint(p850,q2*u2,300)'
'define qv1=vint(p850,q2*v2,300)'
'define m1 = -hdivg(qu1,qv1)*1000'

'define flxu=qu2-qu1'
'define flxv=qv2-qv1'
'define udiff=u2-u1'
'define vdiff=v2-v1'

'set yflip on'
'set lon 16 75'
'set lat -18 24'
'run tppage 8

'set xlint 10'
'set ylint 5'
'set mpdset hires'
*'set gxout shaded'
'set clab on'
'set grid off'
'set grads off'
'set csmooth on'
'set clopts 1 3 .14'
'set ccolor 1'
'set display color white'
***define horizontal Diveregence at this point

'set clevs   -2.5 -2 -1.5 -1 -0.5  0 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5'
'run red-blue.gs'
'set gxout shaded'
'set csmooth on'
'd -hdivg(qu2,qv2)*1000'


'set gxout vector'
'set cthick 1 '
'set ccols 1'
'set cthick 9'
'set clopts 1 1 0.1'
'set lev 500'
*'set t 1 90'
'set arrscl 0.25'
'd skip(u,8);skip(v,8)'
*'d mag(u1,v1)'
'set clab off'
'draw title  a) GRELL'
'close 1'
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