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Sun Jun 24 23:01:44 EDT 2018

GrADS folk,

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Subject: 	lead lag correlation
Date: 	Sat, 23 Jun 2018 18:24:04 +0530
From: 	priya patil <priya2906patil at gmail.com>
To: 	esrl.psd.data at noaa.gov

Hello there!

I am trying to use a lead lag correlation in my program. I am trying to use a 
Bin Guans GrADS script for the same, however I am receiving an error, or I am 
not able to use it.
I found script here:


I have saved the script tlag.gs <http://tlag.gs> at a particular location in 
my system, and then tried to use the following code:

'open /home/dhruva/Desktop/disk/sindex/D20/subDI.dat.ctl'
'open /home/dhruva/Desktop/disk/NinoIndex/run_mean_ONI.dat.ctl'
'set x 1'
'set y 1'
'set fwrite /home/dhruva/Desktop/disk/corr1.dat'
'set gxout fwrite'
'set t 1'
'run /home/dhruva/Desktop/grads/data/tlag.gs <http://tlag.gs> tlag corr temp.2 
dep.1 out'
'd out'
'close 2'
'close 1'
'disable fwrite'

Please help me if possible using the script.

Thank you.
Priya Patil

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