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Charles Langton Vanya dolesibeni at gmail.com
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I believe you are meaning extracting data from netcdf file.
The best way I do is to average data from a grid box of the area.
 The reason for doing this is to make sure that your data is a
representation of the area you are interested inother than just
 a single a single point.
This can be in so many ways. But the simolest I can remember is like this:

**LONG 129E to 131E and LAT 20.0N to 24.0N

'sdfopen C:\fortran\sst\2018sst.nc'
'set x 1'
'set y 1'
** set your area1 here..If your data has high resoultion you can set your
area too closer
lon1 =129.0
lon2 =131.0
lat1 =20.0
lat2 =24.0

** Keep time fixed as below.. Here time is taken as starting from value 1
to 703
** you can also set your time by exactly setting 'set t hhddmmyy'

'set t 1 703'
** Here we are finding areal average of the grid.

'define ssst = aave(sst,lon = 'lon1',lon = 'lon2', lat = 'lat1',lat='lat2')'

** set file name to pring oout... Here we are saving data as 12 month data
'fprintf ssst C:\fortran\SST_EXTRACT\DJF\REG2\REG2\R2DJF_SJPAN.txt %g 12 1'

The data is save as a text file and in a single column. If you you want
the data to be extracted as monthly then you use 1 12 instead of 1 1
that you will have 12 columns representing months of the year.
Hope this helps.
Charles Vanya

On Mon, 13 Aug 2018 at 15:12, Davide Sacchetti <
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> is file in station data format? if yes use gxout print
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> Hi
> how i can extract data for some station with different latitude and
> longitude, by loop or function in scripts
> thanks
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