[gradsusr] Question about vertical cross section in GRADS (pressure coordinate interval)

Lyndon Mark Olaguera olagueralyndonmark429 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 28 04:20:54 EST 2017

Dear GrADS experts,

I am trying to plot a vertical cross section of vertical velocity and zonal
winds (hadley circulation). The attached file is the result (output.png).

I want to make the pressure coordinates (labels) in the *y axis closer* *near
the surface* similar to the attached file (desired output.png). The yaxis
is like this with increasing space after 400md/hPa (*1000 900 800 700 600
500 400    300      200      100*)

Is there an easy way to implement this in GrADS?

I'll appreciate any help,


*Lyndon Mark P. Olaguera*
PhD Student
Laboratory of Climatology
Department of Geography
Faculty of Urban Environmental Science
Minami-Osawa Campus
Tokyo Metropolitan University
Hachioji Tokyo, Japan
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