[gradsusr] dset and option template

Ivana Kordic ivanakordic2207 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 13 05:27:43 EST 2017

Hi all,

I have list of data in folders like this (I have whole year of data) this
is just example for one day:


I want my ctl file reads files from these folders. I am using option
template function
and it look like this:

dset  /mnt/data/hindcast/%y2%m2%d200/data_%f3

this works but only for first 24 hour of forecast (not for all 30 hours),
this is because after 23rd hour day is changed to 04
this is the error that I get:
 grib1map:  opening GRIB file: /mnt/data/hindcast/17110300/data_023
 grib1map:  opening GRIB file: /mnt/data/hindcast/17110400/data_024
 grib1map warning: could not open GRIB file:

I also tried this

dset  /mnt/data/hindcast/%y2%m2%ch00/data_%f3

chsub 1 31 03

And this works for all 30 hours. But not for every day of month and leap

Does someone know how to use option template to solve this?
Thanks in advance.
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