[gradsusr] Number of Full Domain Grid Values Available in HRRR Domain

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> On Nov 1, 2017, at 12:37 PM, Jeff Duda <jeffduda319 at gmail.com> wrote:
> First note - I wouldn't prefer to use GrADS if I had other software available, as using GrADS isn't guaranteed to give a 100% accurate answer.
Why would you begin your answer with such an irrelevant, vague, and negative statement? It taints everything else you might have to say. If you don’t like GrADS, unsubscribe or lurk quietly, but don’t answer questions with mean-spirited misinformation. 

> I am trying to figure out how to output the exact number of grid values across my domain in GrADS using the HRRR model.
> 'set lat 37 48.5'
> 'set lon 276.0 295.0’

At this point you can get the number of X grid points like this:
‘set gxout stat'
‘d refdtotal’
* The following assumes the first line of the stat output starts with “Notice: Automatic Grid Interpolation…"
* If you are not using a PDEF , then the idims will be in line 3 of the stat output
x1=subwrd(idims,4); x2=subwrd(idims,6)

> *Generate a text file
> 'set gxout print'
> 'set prnopts %0.0f 219 1 u' <--- What should my numl value be? How do I determine to print out a value for every grid cell in the domain?

Now you can use the ‘xsize’ script variable in your ‘set prnopts’ statement. Your format statment %0.0f needs to be adjusted — the number to the left of the decimal indicates how many total places (columns) your number will occupy. The number to the right of the decimal indicates how many digits will appear to the right of the decimal in your formatted number.  I suggest something like this:
   ‘set prnopts %5.1f ‘xsize’ 1 u’ 
But it depends a lot on what variable you are displaying. I don’t know what refdtotal is, so this is just a guess.

> 'd refdtotal'
> dummy=write('/home/weather/hrrr.txt',result)
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