[gradsusr] Hello, Question about GEOS-5 Servers‏

Thompson, Matt (GSFC-610.1)[SCIENCE SYSTEMS AND APPLICATIONS INC] matthew.thompson at nasa.gov
Tue May 30 10:05:24 EDT 2017

On 05/26/2017 03:07 PM, avi kojokro wrote:
> When I uploaded the 2 links in the internet page a library opened. These 
> 2 links are:
> https://opendap.nccs.nasa.gov/dods/GEOS-5/fp/0.25_deg/assim/tavg1_2d_slv_Nx
> https://opendap.nccs.nasa.gov/dods/GEOS-5/fp/0.25_deg/assim/inst3_3d_asm_Np
> I attached 2 screenshots showing the web pages. I have marked with a red 
> circle the 2 links that by using them I connect to the Grads. It writes 
> that there is an error. The 2 errors are attached. (The 1st error 
> corresponds the 1st image and the 2nd error corresponds to the 2nd image)
> Does someone know why these 2 links don't work?


They don't work because they say http and not https. All the GEOS 
OPeNDAP pages are now HTTPS.

It looks like web browsers are "smart" enough to follow Apache (or 
whatever) along so if you open:

> http://opendap.nccs.nasa.gov:443/dods/GEOS-5/fp/0.25_deg/assim/tavg1_2d_slv_Nx

in a browser like Chrome, you end up at:

> https://opendap.nccs.nasa.gov/dods/GEOS-5/fp/0.25_deg/assim/tavg1_2d_slv_Nx

But grads (or curl underneath) doesn't seem to follow those hints. If 
you do a sdfopen on:

> https://opendap.nccs.nasa.gov:443/dods/GEOS-5/fp/0.25_deg/assim/tavg1_2d_slv_Nx

it does work for me (note the https).

I've asked someone here at Goddard who runs (I think, or knows who does) 
the website that serves those pages to take a look at how GDS is making 
that OPeNDAP/DODS Data URL line.  My guess is some XML file needs an "s" 
added to make that https and then all is well. (I don't really know GDS, 
but I think that is autogenerated.)


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