[gradsusr] vertical cross section of horizontal divergence

Narasimha Rao narasimhagen at gmail.com
Tue May 23 04:08:40 EDT 2017

hello respected users,

I have wrf data and converted trough arwpost for grads compatible. My data
in pressure levels. I am using grads 2.1v. Now i want to plot vertical
cross section of horizontal divergence in grads. this is my error;

set lat 30
set lon 74 81
set lev 1000 100
set t 9
d hdivg(u,v)

Error from HDIVG:  Invalid dimension environment
  Horizontal environment (X, Y Varying) is required
Operation Error:  Error from hdivg function
  Error ocurred at column 1
DISPLAY error:  Invalid expression
  Expression = hdivg(u,v)

with Regards,
N.Narasimha Rao
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