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Please take  a look at  all these things I've just found,  I  think  this is what  you were looking for. Check it out https://clck.ru/BDvu8

Good wishes, msponsler

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Subject: FFX-2? Holy crap.

First of all,  a "hardcore mode"  wouldn't be anymore "hardcore" to casual  players  who  don't understand it  and should just be the main mode.

Second of all, while  we're on wishful hypotheticals, I don't want another fucking Melee, and  neither do  a lot of  people  who think they do. A huge  step forward in terms of speed and mechanics to  the Melee  engine in the same  way Melee was  a huge step  up from  the 64  engine would be a hundred times better than  a copypaste.

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