[gradsusr] Problem Finding Maximum Vertical Temperature in Canadian GEM

Perry, Aaron Aaron.Perry at lsc.vsc.edu
Thu Dec 21 07:38:57 EST 2017

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to find the maximum vertical temperature between 1000mb and 500mb in the Canadian GEM. CMC offers their variables in individual GRIB2s so, in order to get the desired profile, you have to first individually download each level and then concatenate each of the files together to get one master temperature file.

GrADS Code:

'define canmax = max(TMPprs.1,lev=1000,lev=500)'

Canadian Control File:

dset ^CMC_glb_TMP_ISBL_latlon.24x.24_2017122100.grib2
index ^CMC_glb_TMP_ISBL_latlon.24x.24_2017122100.grib2.idx
undef 9.999E+20
title ^CMC_glb_TMP_ISBL_latlon.24x.24_2017122100.grib2
* produced by g2ctl v0.1.2
* command line options: ^CMC_glb_TMP_ISBL_latlon.24x.24_2017122100.grib2
* griddef=1:0:(1500 x 751):grid_template=0:winds(N/S): lat-lon grid:(1500 x 751) units 1e-06 input WE:SN output WE:SN res 48 lat -90.000000 to 90.000000 by 0.240000 lon 180.000000 to 179.760000 by 0.240000 #points=1126500:winds(N/S)

dtype grib2
ydef 751 linear -90.000000 0.24
xdef 1500 linear -180 0.240000
tdef 41 linear 00Z21dec2017 6hr
zdef 12 levels 100000 95000 92500 90000 85000 80000 75000 70000 65000 60000 55000 50000
options pascals
vars 1
TMPprs    12,100  0,0,0 ** (1000 950 925 900 850.. 700 650 600 550 500) Temperature [K]

I am getting the following error:

Error from MAX:  2nd dimension expression invalid
  end grid point is less than start grid point
Operation Error:  Error from max function

This seems to point to an x,y gridding issue but, I am able to plot the levels in GrADS.

Any ideas?

Aaron D. Perry
Class of 2016
Lyndon State College
Lyndonville, VT 05851
Twitter: @arnpry<https://twitter.com/arnpry>
Email: Aaron.Perry at lyndonstate.edu<http://Aaron.Perry@lyndonstate.edu/>
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