[gradsusr] error in the format conversion from grib2 to ctl

Andrea Tateo andrea.tateo at ba.infn.it
Wed Dec 13 10:26:44 EST 2017

Dear all,

I work using grads version 2.0.1 on the Linux platform.

I would like to convert the GEFS member (for example 
"2017_12_11_p01_f009.grib2") from "wgrib2" to "ctl" format.

To do this I followed the procedure:

./g2ctl.pl 2017_12_11_p01_f009.grib2 > 2017_12_11_p01_f009.grib2.ctl
gribmap -i 2017_12_11_p01_f009.grib2.ctl

(by generating the "2017_12_11_p01_f009.grib2.idx" file )

When I open this file with grads I have the error:

Scanning description file:  2017_12_11_p01_f009.grib2.ctl
Open Error:  Data file type invalid
   --> The invalid description file record is:
   --> dtype grib2
   The data file was not opened.

The wgrib2 version is: v0.2.0.6c 2/2017
The g2ctl.pl version is:v0.1.2

I hope anyone could help me.

Thank you very much


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