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Ricardo Hallak ricardo.hallak at iag.usp.br
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Hi, Julio. 

We have already discussed this subject before. There are no easy way to do this. 
If you intend to use these letters and characters in a opperational mode, i t is necessary to create a new font file to draw such set of characters as the example you sent below. In this case, as I know, it will be necessary to use an specific formatation of font file, using the C language, etc, but I dont now how to do it, and I'm sorry for that. 

On the other hand, when I nedded to write things like "ã", "ó", I used to use "draw string x y ~" in an appropriate location (x,y) of the display or figure. However, it was a work for a specific non opperational product, that is, a non automatic procedure. I tried to write a new gs code, but it was an unsuccessful and cumbersome task. 

If someone else has other ideas about that, please, let us know. 



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| Hi All,

| I want to add Spanish or French words to my grads plots. Using the
| following command just draw an empty space within the letters A and
| o.

| draw string 1 2 Año.

| I wonder if you have any suggestions in how to draw strings with
| accented characters, like á, é, í, ó, ú, à, è, ì, ò, ù, Ñ or ñ.

| I am using the binary distribution of grads 2.1.1.b0 for linux.

| I'll appreciate any help.

| Julio
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