[gradsusr] Convert string to numeric?

Jeff Duda jeffduda319 at gmail.com
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Is it possible you are getting non-numeric characters stored in the
variable? You say Grads prints 2.19, but are there any spaces or hidden
characters that could be mixed in there? One way to check what's going on
is to run valnum(*var*). It should return a value of 2 for your variables.
If it returns 0 then it thinks *var* is a string. Once you know that it
might help you troubleshoot further. For example, try say "_"var"_" to
bracket the variable with underscores. That will tell you pretty quickly if
and how many spaces are also located in the variable. That's my guess as to
what's going on.

Jeff Duda

On Sat, Aug 5, 2017 at 3:53 PM, Matt Bunkers - NWS Rapid City <
matthew.bunkers at noaa.gov> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a text file with numbers that I'm reading into GrADS and then I
> want to perform calculations with them.  However, the numbers I'm reading
> won't work and I get an error that says I have non-numeric args to a
> numeric operations, even though when I print my variable it shows 2.19.
> I've tried both of these options:
> 'define BUFratio='BUFawips'/'BUFqpe''
> BUFratio='BUFawips'/'BUFqpe'
> Is there a command I can use to convert my "2.19" string to a number that
> can be used in calculations?
> Thanks,
> -- Matt
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