[gradsusr] How to output contour to a txt/dat file

Jennifer M Adams jadams21 at gmu.edu
Fri Sep 2 07:20:59 EDT 2016

After drawing a plot, you can check the contour levels used with ‘q shades’ or ‘q contours’. For line contours, the output looks like this (first column is color number, second column is contour value):

Number of levels = 11
9 50000
14 55000
4 60000
11 65000
13 70000
3 75000
10 80000
12 85000
8 90000
2 95000
6 100000

If you want to write this to a file, here is a script fragment:

‘q contours’


On Sep 1, 2016, at 9:57 PM, Taixia <wutxcn at GMAIL.COM<mailto:wutxcn at GMAIL.COM>> wrote:

Anybody knows how to output the contour value (such as set clevs 0) to .txt or .dat file (not graphic)? Thanks.
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