[gradsusr] How to highlight multiple model domains in one figure

lpasmanoranjan lpasmanoranjan at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 20:59:18 EDT 2016

Dear GrADS users,
I would like to ask you a favour.

I would like to highlight the following three model domains in one figure
around my study region (India as center). But I can't able to draw the
closed polygons as in the attachment.

I have three model domains in Lambert conformal conic projection:
MODEL 1: (8S,50E), (8S,90E), (45N,95E), (45N,45E).
MODEL 2: (7S,42E), (7S,92E), (47N,97E), (47N,41E).

Would you please suggest how to do it in grads!!

Thank you very much for any kind of help or suggestion.

Kind Regards,
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