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Nibin Gopi nibingopi10 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 22 01:55:03 EST 2016

*when i plot the following code i get error messeage*
'open cnt_2012-12-04_d03.ctl'

'define a=cape'  ( just define a variable which is in the ctl file )

if((t2>20 & t2<25)|(rh2>50 & rh2<60)|(rainc+rainnc>75 & rainc+rainnc<175))


'd a'

'set clevs 0 1'

'set colrs 2 3'



this is the error

numeric args to numeric operation, Error occurred on line In file nibin.gs

i want to plot only zeros and ones in my plot going throgh the condition

is there any solution to this?
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