[gradsusr] Writing Descriptor File for SSHA NetCDF Data

James T. Potemra jimp at hawaii.edu
Mon Aug 15 15:40:46 EDT 2016

Hi Jennifer,

It sounds like you have level 2, along-track data.  Have you checked 
with NASA/PO.DAAC for lat/lon gridded data in netCDF 


On 8/15/16 7:15 AM, Jennifer McCall wrote:
> Hello All,
> I am new to GrADS and attempting to create gridded data from Jason-2 and
> Saral Sea Surface Height Anomaly NetCDF data. When using other methods to
> view this data I am given errors indicating that these are not
> multi-dimensional files, and also not gridded data. I am only able to plot
> SSHA against either latitude or longitude, when I need ssha-lat-long. I
> have been advised to write a complete descriptor file for the data to
> override the metadata. I'm wondering if anyone on the list may have
> experience doing something similar to what I'm trying to do and could
> point me in the right direction?
> Thank you,

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