[gradsusr] Scripts for TC tracks

MD ABDUS SATTAR md-abdus.sattar at students.mq.edu.au
Wed Apr 27 01:36:01 EDT 2016

Dear GrADS Users
I was trying to draw cyclone tracks map for my research. For instace, total
number of cyclones formed for a specific time period. However, I don not
know how to do this.

Could anyone send me the scripts for drawing this map?

Thanking you

Md. Abdus Sattar
PhD Student
Department of Environmental Sciences
Level 2, Australian Hearing Hub Building

Faculty of Science and Engineering
Macquarie University
NSW 2109 Australia

Cell: +61404400401
Email: md-abdus.sattar at students.mq.edu.au

*IN Bangladesh *

Assistant Professor
Department of Disaster Risk Management (DRM)
Faculty of Disaster Management
Patuakhali Science and Technology University, Dumki, Patuakhali, Bangladesh

Cell: +8801716851612
Email: abdus.sattar at pstu.ac.bd
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