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Girija Kalyani kalyani at ncaor.gov.in
Fri Apr 8 06:12:25 EDT 2016

Dear Group,

I would be obliged if someone has time to answer few queries of mine about temporal correlation,
1)i have a netcdf file, with multiple variables as in SST, MSLP, Wind data so on..., can I analyse the correlation among these variables which are within a single file? or should i have both the variables from different files??
By the way, in both the ways, the spatial and temporal resolution is same...

2) what if i want to notify the change across multiple time periods in particular variable say sea-ice,
as in, im able to manually check the change by setting the time(month and year), there on following the same for every year. But I wanted to store the change in seaice around 2000 in a temporary variable, there on change in 2001,2002...2015; is it possible?
a=change in sea-ice in 2000
b=change in seaice in 2001
z=change- 2015

then jus by giving two variables, I will be able to note the changes accross the time periods.

3) Proper functioning of tcorr() function -

tcorr (expr1 , expr2, tdim1, tdim2)

i learnt, that tdim1 and tdim2 are the starting and ending dimensions of time respectively
expr1 - im supposing to b a variable we wanted to check the correlation with. Am I right?

Hope I'm Clear.
Thanks in advance!

Division of Polar Remote Sensing
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